To make your first purchase in Oltex, you must fill in your profile data and wait for the Oltex sales team to validate your account.

Once your account is validated you will be able to place your sample order, from 1-10 units. If your order is more than 10 units, you must contact our sales team at the following email or phone number +34 628328030 via whatsapp, to modify your rate.

To see the prices and the quantity of garments in stock, the Oltex sales team must validate your account.

Validation time 24-48h.

Yes, you can place orders without having a VAT number, you only have to fill in this field with your ID number.

Yes, as long as you fill in the profile data with your personal data (full name, VAT number, address, telephone number...).

All the profile data required by the website must be filled in.

To purchase our garments, you must register on our website, completing all the information in your profile.

Once this process is completed, the Oltex team will examine your profile to validate or cancel your account.

If this process is successful, you will be able to buy our blanks.

Most of our references are manufactured in Portugal, Spain and Turkey, as Oltex is committed to Made in EU.

We also manufacture some of our garments in Bangladesh, collaborating with a well-known business group in this country.

Most of our blanks have an oversize fit, carefully studied, as Oltex is the manufacturer of the most successful streetwear brands in the market.

At Oltex we can develop our own fit as long as the global production exceeds 3,000 units.

If the production is lower, you must adapt to our blanks in stock.

The quality of our blanks is very high.

In Oltex we manufacture fashion garments, using the best materials in the market.

Most of our references are made with organic cotton.

At Oltex we have a wide variety of grammages.

The weights of our t-shirts range from 185 GSM to 240 GSM.

The weights of our sweatshirts range from 320 GSM to 500 GSM.

These specifications are shown on our website, in garment details.

Yes, we have a price list, which varies depending on the quantity of blanks purchased.

There are five price ranges (Samples, Start up, Brand, Top Brand and Premiun Brand).

It can be requested at the following email or at the following phone number +34 628328030, via whatsapp.

In Oltex we have five types of rates, these depend on the amount of garments purchased as a whole, that is to say, all the garments purchased add up, they do not have to be the same model or color.

The price ranges are as follows:

1 - 9 garments SAMPLES rate.
10 - 49 garments START UP rate.
50 - 249 garments BRAND rate.
250 - 499 garments at TOP BRAND price list.
500 +500 garments PREMIUN BRAND rate.
To request a rate change, please send an e-mail to or call +34 628328030, via whatsapp.

We do not customize garments.

The Oltex team is dedicated to the manufacture of premium blanks; guaranteeing the highest quality in the market.

We can recommend you some personalization companies that we trust.

At Oltex, we do not do dropshipping. We can send the garment without customization within 48 hours.

We do not embroider garments, but we can recommend companies that do.

At Oltex we do not print garments, although we can recommend printing companies that develop the most current techniques on the market.

We do not change the labels of our garments.

All Oltex blanks have easy-cut labels so that the customer can easily modify the labeling in his trusted customizer.

There is no minimum order, you can buy from one garment. It would only affect the price.

Yes, to do so, you must register on our website and wait for the Oltex team to validate your account.

Once your account is validated, you will be able to purchase samples at our sample rate.

Service time 48-72 hours.

All orders that enter our website before 12 am, are shipped the same day. Service time 48-72 hours.

Our website calculates the shipping costs depending on the volume and weight of items added to the cart and destination.

You can also request the collection of your order, with the agency that you usually work with, you only have to indicate it when you make the purchase, checking the box to pick up at our facilities.

We do ship to Mexico, for this we have an office in this country.

You can contact the LATAM sales department at the following email

If you are a printing company or a textile distributor, you should contact our sales team at the following e-mail or at the telephone number +34 628328030.