Terms and selling general conditions

It is a necessary requirement for the acquisition of the products offered in the web store www.oltextrading.com, that you read the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale that are written below. The use of our services, as well as the purchase of our products, will imply that you have read and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Sale in this document.

Cool Clothes SL reserves the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, being applied to future orders. The latest version of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale are always available at www.Oltextrading.com.

In the event that the provisions of these general terms and/or another contract between the parties become totally or partially invalid, the remaining provisions will continue to be fully valid. Given the case, the provisions that have become ineffective will have a new regulation, which resembles as much as possible the object of the provision that has ceased to have effect.

All exceptional terms to these general terms, even if they are issued by representatives of Cool Clothes, must be expressly confirmed by Cool Clothes SL.


To access the Oltex Trading Webshop, the customer must create an access account by completing the contact form in the webshop. Acquiring the client the commitment to provide truthful information and to keep it updated.

The registration will become valid once the client receives a confirmation email from Cool Clothes, informing them that their request has been accepted. Cool Clothes reserves the right to refuse registration to a client and will not have the obligation to state the reasons for the rejection.

The client will be responsible for a fraudulent use of their user codes, ensuring that any person authorized to use these codes will comply with the General Terms of Sale. Therefore, Cool Clothes is exempt from any improper use.

It is convenient for the client to send an email notification to administracion@oltextrading.com with the possible changes of information that are made in their user.


The products offered by Cool Clothes are subject to Stock availability in real time, however, it is not responsible for variations that may arise in the available Stock.

After completing the transaction of an order, Cool Cothes will send an email confirming that the order has been successfully placed. After said confirmation, no modification can be made to the products purchased. In the event that the client wants to make a change after confirmation, they must contact administracion@oltextrading.com and request a modification. Cool Clothes reserves the right to deny this modification or, on the contrary, exceptionally, accept to make changes to the order, having the right to claim from the customer the expenses incurred as a result of the modification of the original order, amounting to 20% of the order total.

Cool Clothes may reject or cancel any order or delivery in the following cases:

  • Refusal of payment by credit card by banks.
  • Outdated, incomplete or inaccurate information by the client.
  • Disagreements between the client and Cool Clothes.
  • Non-payment by bank transfer after five calendar days after the date of the order.

In any of the cases, Cool Clothes is not responsible nor is it obliged to inform the client of the reasons for cancellation. If the order prior to cancellation has been set aside by the warehouse, payment of 20% of the total order corresponding to replacement costs may be claimed.

The client will not be able to resell our products without first undergoing a printing, embroidery or textile technique treatment of the client's choice. In the event of non-compliance, Cool Clothes has the right to stop working with the client.

Any customer is exempt from removing the label with the Oltex Trading brand inside the product.


The characteristics of the products delivered are those indicated in the order confirmation. However, after informing the customer, Cool Clothes will have the right to modify the characteristics of the products that, for reasons beyond its control, make it impossible to supply the products confirmed in the order.

All existing products in the Webshop comply with international quality standards for the production of garments that have previously been accepted by Cool Clothes.


The applicable sales prices are those shown on the Webshop, indicated in EUR and without VAT or shipping costs. All expenses will be indicated and invoiced to the client at the time of payment. If the prices undergo any change before placing an order, the customer has to take into account the latest price update shown in the web store.

In the event that the price does not appear or the cost is €0 in the Webshop or in the order confirmation, the customer must immediately inform Cool Clothes to solve this error. The customer will not be entitled to receive free products whose price has not been indicated or whose cost is €0.


The products are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the customer at the time of placing the order.

Delivery dates are indicative, a delay in delivery (including an urgent delivery) will not mean that Cool Clothes has to issue compensation to the customer, nor does it justify the cancellation of the order.

Cool Clothes may reject orders in the event that the client does not comply with the obligations that are developed in the General Terms and Conditions of sale (for example, payment obligation).

Transportation costs will be borne by the customer and will be specified in the order confirmation for shipments in the peninsula. In the event that the customer requests a delivery method other than those stipulated, such as an urgent delivery, the cost of this service will be billed separately. Shipping costs will be calculated based on the order and the delivery area, in the event of deliveries outside the peninsula, the budget will be sent by email to the customer for approval before shipment.

The customer who requests that his order be delivered in a country other than Spain, will become the authorized importer and, therefore, must comply with the laws and regulations in force in the destination country. The customer may also be subject to the payment of import duties or taxes when the merchandise arrives in the country. In the case of additional costs in customs clearance, they will be borne by the customer. Cool Clothes is exempt from any customs problem that the client may have when exporting the merchandise.


The conservation of property of the products is of Cool Clothes until the invoice has been paid in full (payment of the order, shipping costs or other contracted services)

In case of non-payment by the customer of the invoices within the contractual period, without prejudice to their other rights under the contract or the law, Cool Clothes may demand the return of the merchandise at the customer's risk and expense.

The customer assumes the responsibility to pay compensation to Cool Clothes for loss of value fixed at 12% for each month that the merchandise is retained in the period of time between delivery and return. Being able to Cool Clothes retain this compensation with advances made.

The client will grant Cool Clothes the right to collect, on its behalf, the pending invoices of its client. To allow the implementation of this assignment through notification to the assigned debtor, the client authorizes Cool Clothes to carefully read its accounting books, invoice records, order books and other relevant administrative, financial and accounting documents.


The risks become the customer's from the day the merchandise is made available to him, whether he has received it or not.


The customer has the obligation to check the merchandise as soon as it is delivered. In the event that the customer observes that the packaging containing the products is damaged, he may refuse to accept it and contact Cool Clothes to request a return of the package. The customer is obliged to report this situation to customer service as soon as possible.

In the event of a complaint about the invoice, the customer must contact us by email within 5 calendar days of the billing date. After 5 calendar days, the invoice will be accepted.

The customer may send a claim or return request to Cool Clothes if the product shipped contains defects. The claim or request must be sent by email and the reasons for this request must be explained in detail. Small differences in size, tonality, color and preparation are not considered tare. The Cool Clothes quality department will be in charge of analyzing each case and determining if there is a defect in the product. Once the product has been modified (embroidery, printing...), the claim will not be valid. Claims must be managed by email within 15 calendar days from when the merchandise arrives at the shipping address, after this period, the customer will be considered to have accepted the products.

Claims or refund requests will be studied by Cool Clothes. In the event that Cool Clothes determines that the return request has a weighty basis, a return file will be opened. Cool Clothes will contact the customer providing the return number and the label for the collection of the merchandise. The customer must attach a return authorization and attach the label provided by Cool Clothes in the package to be returned.

If the customer decides to carry out the return management by another transport company of his choice, he will assume the responsibility and costs of said shipment. Returns sent to an address other than the one indicated by Cool Clothes will be rejected.

Returns will be made within a period of 7 calendar days after the opening of the return file. Any package that does not contain any identifying element of the sender (order number, return number, etc.) will be rejected.

Products returned to Cool Clothes must remain in their original packaging and in the state in which they were received by the customer. Returns of products that have been personalized will not be accepted.

The returned products that Cool Clothes considered do not fail to meet quality standards, will be available to the customer, who will be obliged to pick them up at the address provided. These products must be paid for by the client in the event that they have not been made previously. On the contrary, the products that contain a defect verified by Cool Clothes, may be replaced, the customer may receive a credit note to deduct on his next purchase or the reimbursement of said products.

In the event that Cool Clothes agrees to the return of merchandise without defects, the customer may obtain a refund for the products. But, Cool Clothes will have the right to retain 20% of the invoiced value (without VAT) of the returned products, subject to a minimum of 15 EUR per return file.

Unjustified returns may be refused by Cool Clothes, such as the right to refuse subsequent orders.


Cool Clothes is very demanding with the quality of its products and does everything possible to stay within the quality standards imposed by Cool Clothes. However, slight differences in size, color, shade and construction will be tolerated due to the nature and composition of their products. The products that Cool Clothes considers to be defective will be replaced or refunded, but in no case will it be responsible for compensation for any direct or indirect loss or damage of any kind.

The products found on this website are described by means of texts and photographs, which is merely informative. This information is used to promote the brand and no other use is permitted. Cool Clothes is not responsible for errors in its texts or photographs.

The customer releases Cool Clothes from any liability and waives any right to compensation or damages against Cool Clothes that may result from its services. - or in connection therewith - or the temporary unavailability of your Oltex Trading Webshop, except in the event of loss or damage caused intentionally by Cool Clothes or as a result of gross negligence on its part.

Most of the fabrics used in Cool Clothes products are GOTS certified. But this certificate ceases to be valid once the garment is manipulated, with the exception of customers who have a certificate. Certified logos can only be used by certified partners, therefore Cool Clothes will require that labels displaying these logos be removed from within their products. Cool Clothes is disassociated from any responsibility in the event of a problem between the relevant body and the client.


Purchases can be paid exclusively by credit card, bank transfer or any other payment method available on the Oltex Trading Webshop.

In case of payment by credit card, the total amount (including shipping costs or other contracted services) must be paid at the time of the order. Please note that your credit card will be charged immediately at the time of the transaction.

In credit card payments, the customer will access a controlled environment in which they will directly provide said entity with their card details, which will connect them with their bank/cashier to authorize the operation. In this way, the payment will be made directly, legitimately and securely, maintaining the privacy of the card information at all times. Payment by credit card is subject to approval by the financial institution that issued the card. Cool Clothes accepts no liability in the event that payment is refused by the financial institution for any reason or in respect of any additional charges due to bank charges.

For bank transfer you must select this payment method, at the end of the process you will receive an e-mail with the delivery note of the order indicating the account number in which you must enter the amount. When making the transfer, clearly indicate your name, surnames and your number. from order. Once we have received the confirmation of the payment, we will proceed to start the process of the order. Check if your bank charges you commissions, since Cool Clothes is not responsible for the commissions that your bank may issue.


Any event beyond the control of Cool Clothes that affects the fulfillment of its commitments is considered force majeure. In case of force majeure, the order delivery period may be extended. Among others, it can be considered force majeure, fires, floods, lightning, explosions, landslides, economic disputes, national or local emergencies, pandemics, wars, negligence on the part of an individual or entity such as external providers.

In the event that due to force majeure the delivery delay is extended for more than 8 weeks, the customer or Cool Clothes may cancel the affected order, in whole or in part. The client will not be entitled to any compensation from Cool Clothes, but Cool Clothes may request compensation for the expenses incurred.

If due to circumstances of force majeure, during the execution of the order, the costs of the products have increased considerably, the parties will meet to reach an agreement that continues to be advantageous for both parties.


If the customer makes a mistake when placing an order, he may request a return of the merchandise in writing. This procedure will be governed in the same way as described in claims/returns, with the same conditions that are mentioned. Claims must be managed by email within 15 calendar days from when the merchandise arrives at the shipping address, after this period, the customer will be considered to have accepted the products.

Cool Clothes will study the request and if it is approved, a return file will be opened. Cool Clothes will contact the customer providing the return number, but the charges will be borne by the customer.

Returns will be made within a period of 7 calendar days after the opening of the return file. Any package that does not contain any identifying element of the sender (order number, return number, etc.) will be rejected.

Products returned to Cool Clothes must remain in their original packaging and in the state in which they were received by the customer. Returns of products that have been personalized will not be accepted. In the event of not complying with these conditions, the products will remain at the disposal of the client, who will be obliged to collect them within a maximum period of 2 weeks and at the address provided. These products must be paid for by the client in the event that they have not been made previously.

In case of error in the preparation of the order, Cool Clothes will take care of the collection and shipment of the correct merchandise.


Oltex Trading has the rights to the name and logo and, therefore, they are protected. All visual / textual content is protected by database law and is the exclusive property of Oltex Trading, granting a license to Cool Clothes.

Clients may only use pack shot photographs (textile photographs without models) for sketching and design study, but it is strictly prohibited to use these photographs for advertising campaigns, magazines, billboards, print or digital media. At no time may photographs in which models appear be used. Cool Clothes reserves the right to withdraw these authorizations.

Cool Clothes customers should be responsible for creating and developing visual elements that reflect their own brand image, Cool Clothes being exempt from liability for reasons of a negative nature, such as racism, plagiarism, etc.

Cool Clothes does not authorize indexing on Google, or anywhere else, on its behalf.

Cool Clothes reserves the right to take the necessary legal action, including in court, in case of violation of the terms of these General Conditions of Sale.


Cool Clothes sells its products using a digital platform. Therefore, the client accepts that Cool Clothes maintain an electronic communication, giving Cool Clothes the authorization to send the client electronic messages and other notifications regarding his order through the Internet.


This website is subject to Spanish law and in the event of litigation or controversy arising from the use of this website, both parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts closest to Priego de Córdoba. This clause of express submission to the courts of Priego de Córdoba, will not be applicable for cases of litigation with web users who, according to current legislation or have the status of consumers, in which case the provider and the user agree to submit any dispute that may arise from the provision of products or services subject to these Conditions, to the Courts and Tribunals where the user is located.

Likewise, the provider and the user may submit their conflicts to the arbitrations provided for in the arbitration and defense legislation for consumers and users, and to the procedures for out-of-court resolution of conflicts that are established by means of codes of conduct or other instruments. of self-regulation.

If you do not agree with the contracted products or services and you are a customer belonging to the European Union, except Spanish, you can go to the following link to make the appropriate claim: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr


Our customer service department is available to our customers to inform and answer any questions.

Phone: +34 615 31 81 44


hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Except national holidays (Spain) or local holidays (Priego de Córdoba).


Email: attention to info@oltextrading.com

Address: Cool Clothes SL

Avenida de Madrid, 53 / 57

14900, Lucena (Cordoba)



Cool Clothes has developed the creation of its Webshop with the greatest possible care, using the best means. However, neither Cool Clothes nor its employees, managers or staff may be held liable for direct or indirect damage that may arise from access and/or use of this site, which also includes sent emails.