Boxy fit vs. Cropped fit: Which style suits you best?

In the fashion world, trends change rapidly, and two styles that have gained popularity in recent years are boxy fit and cropped fit. Both offer a modern and fresh aesthetic, but how do you decide which one suits you best? Let's look at their characteristics, advantages, and how to choose between these two styles based on your body type and personal preferences.

What is boxy fit?

Boxy fit is characterized by its square and wide silhouette. Garments with this cut are usually wider in the shoulders and torso, providing a relaxed and comfortable look. This style is ideal for those seeking a laid-back appearance without sacrificing style.

Advantages of boxy fit:

1. Comfort: Thanks to its loose cut, boxy fit garments offer great comfort, allowing freedom of movement.
2. Versatility: This style can be adapted to different occasions, from a casual look to a more elegant one with the right accessories.
3. Flattering: It can balance the silhouette for those with slimmer or inverted triangle-shaped bodies by adding volume to the upper body.

What is cropped fit?

Cropped fit, on the other hand, refers to garments that are shorter than usual. This style exposes a part of the abdomen, adding a youthful and modern touch to any outfit. Cropped fit garments can be tight or looser, depending on the design.

Advantages of cropped fit:

1. Enhances the figure: By leaving a strip of skin exposed, it can create the illusion of longer legs and a more defined waist.
2. Breathability: Ideal for warm climates, as it allows the body to breathe more easily.
3. Trendy: It is a very popular style among celebrities and fashionistas, making it very trendy.

Boxy fit vs. Cropped fit: Comparison and style tips

1. Body type:

  • Boxy fit: Ideal for people with slim or athletic bodies, as it adds volume to the upper body. However, those with a curvier figure can also benefit from this style as long as they choose garments that are not excessively loose.
  • Cropped fit: Suits those with a defined waist. If you have a shorter torso, cropped fit can help balance your proportions. It's also an excellent option for people with long legs.

2. Occasión:

  • Boxy fit: Perfect for informal and semi-formal occasions. A boxy blazer can transform a casual look into something more sophisticated.
  • Cropped fit: More suitable for spring and summer, though in winter, it can be worn with smart layering, like long-sleeve shirts underneath.

3. Temporada:

  • Boxy fit: Works well in all seasons. In winter, you can opt for boxy sweaters that allow additional layering underneath.
  • Cropped fit: Ideal for casual outings, social events, and festivals. Pair a cropped top with high-waisted pants for a modern and stylish look.

How to choose the style that suits you best

  • Try and experiment: The best way to know which style suits you best is to try them out. Don't be afraid to experiment with different cuts and combinations.
  • Know your body: Identifying your body type and understanding which parts you want to highlight or balance will help you make a better decision.
  • Consider your lifestyle: Think about your daily activities and choose the style that best fits your routine.
  • Play with proportions: If you choose a boxy top, pair it with fitted pants. If you prefer a cropped top, high-waisted pants are an excellent option.

Both boxy fit and cropped fit have their own advantages and can be incredibly flattering if chosen correctly. By considering your body type, the occasion, and your personal preferences, you can decide which of these styles suits you best. Don’t be afraid to mix and match to find the perfect look that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident and fashionable!