How to choose the name for a street-style clothing brand

We can mention several tricks for naming your urban clothing brand to make it innovative, simple, and different. This will help us position our business in the mind of our potential customers.

Identify your target market

In this regard, we can identify our target audience through social media. On social platforms, we can find people interested in street-style clothing, usually younger individuals. We can also spot different trends to base our new clothing brand on.

Study the competition

It is essential to study the competition within the "urban clothing brands" niche. This will help us gather ideas for improvement and observe their sales strategies, saving us time and money.

Use tools

When searching for brand names, we can utilize various tools to aid the brainstorming process. For instance, we can use Shopify's brand name generator, although there are different options available in the market. Another option could be using our own personal brand for promoting our new clothing brand.

Ensure it's available for use

Once we have found a brand name and are certain about it, we should check if it is available by searching for the .com domain online and verifying its availability on social media platforms.

Additionally, there is a tool in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) to check if these names are available for use in Spain. This will provide an extra layer of security when deciding to use a name for our street-style clothing brand.

Easy to pronounce

It's vital that the name of our brand identity is easy to remember, pronounce, and write. This will determine whether potential customers will remember the name and be able to search for and buy the product.

Avoid double meanings

Once we have a clear name for our brand, we should research its meaning in different languages. In the case of wanting to internationalize our brand, this step becomes crucial as certain meanings might have negative connotations in other languages, complicating the process.

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