Novelty for the customization of our garments with PANTONE

Explore the innovation of color with PANTONE in our customized and novelty-filled garment

From now on, you'll have the opportunity to personalize your garments according to your mood, your favorite color, or the trending color to stay fashionable at any moment. In our garment collection, we provide the opportunity to choose any color you desire without limits. From vibrant hues to subtle shades, you have complete control. Explore an endless range of chromatic options and find the perfect combination that reflects your unique style.

Unleash your creativity and make a fashion statement with the color that inspires you the most!

What is PANTONE and why is it important in our customization?

PANTONE is a globally recognized company for its color system used in the graphic design industry, fashion, printing, and other creative fields, known for its system of identification, comparison, and communication of color most recognized worldwide.

The PANTONE system assigns a unique numerical code to each color, facilitating precise communication about colors among designers, manufacturers, and clients. It establishes color standards that ensure unmatched consistency and precision in color reproduction. It's especially useful in printing, where color consistency is crucial. In addition to its color systems, PANTONE also offers products and services related to color design and management.

In fashion, designers rely on PANTONE's color guide to create palettes that reflect the latest trends and express their creativity authentically. Each season, PANTONE presents the most prominent fashion colors, influencing collections of clothing designers worldwide. It is also known for its annual selection of the "Color of the Year," which influences trends in design and fashion.

Limitless customization.

Can you imagine it? Well, it's a reality! Now you can choose any color from the extensive PANTONE palette and wear it on your garment, making it completely personalized. You are no longer limited to store colors; now we are at your disposal to make your boldest and most creative chromatic dreams come true.

Do you want a garment in the exact shade of your favorite sports team? Or do you prefer a color that reflects your mood and unique personality? With our new customization feature, the color universe unfolds before you like a blank canvas, ready to be painted with the most authentic expression of your style. Simply copy and paste the color code you want from the PANTONE range, and you'll see how your chromatic vision comes to life on your garment.

From the softest and most delicate tones that caress the gaze to the boldest and most striking ones that radiate energy and personality, all possibilities are within your reach. There is no limit preventing you from exploring and experimenting with the infinite palette of colors that PANTONE offers. It's your chance to be the architect of your style, to stand out from the crowd with a garment that not only dresses your body but also reflects your unique essence and deepest emotions.

There are no limits.

How can I customize my garments?

The process is simple. When you place your order for a garment, you'll have the option to input the PANTONE color code, and you'll get exactly what you've chosen. Our team will work to ensure that your garment is accurately manufactured in the chosen color, using advanced piece dyeing and garment dyeing techniques.

Experience the freedom of color.

Enjoy this innovative garment customization experience, where you have the opportunity to create a unique garment that reflects your personality, that of your team, club, or company. You are no longer limited to preset colors; now you can unleash your creativity and design an outfit entirely to your liking. Dare to stand out with personalized garments that will make you feel truly special and differentiate yourself from the rest. Don't wait any longer to start creating your own fashion!